One meter of isolation is combined of two sections. The upper section secures the outer part of the pipeline in the middle of the border and is composed of the following elements:
  • sheet coating (sheet type and thickness depending on insulation type) fixed permanently to the insulation structure (with bolting fusion); at the same time the insulation casing overhangs the lower section,
  • perforations in sheet coating in the bolted places, exactly under the clamp clips which are put on the entire length of the pipeline produced from the same material as the coating,
  • the layers of rigid, foamed polyurethane insulation with shaped edges (both side and head) become fitting “locks” helping avoid thermal bridges,
  • internal surfaces of the insulation are additionally secured by a 3 mm layer of glass fiber intercepting the first heat wave from the pipeline, protecting the foam from melting and abrupt changes of temperature common for pipelines.


The thickness of the isolation is calculated according to the PN-B-02421 standard and is dependent on the temperature of a heat factor and the diameter of a pipeline.
The lower section secures the underside of the pipeline in the middle of its girth and its construction is analogical to the upper section. Head joints of sections on the outer girth of the insulations are secured by clamps made from the same type of sheet the coating is.
Coatings of the upper and lower sections, as well as clamps are joined by means of tearable rivets creating a closed casing of the insulation.
Turns and bends of sections are assembled on mats of mineral wool. Junctions of these turns and bends are bond together on the assembly spot with polyurethane foam, underneath the sheet casing of elements fitted with precision and joined by means of tearable rivets.
A disassembly of one meter of combined insulation is done by cutting off (drilling through) the rivets of two pieces of clamps and two horizontal joints on coatings of both sides of the insulation.
A correct disassembly of the elements lets you reclaim 100% of insulation from the given section.
Any attempt in tearing off the coating from the insulation layer will cause mechanical damage to the sheets due to the amount of force involved. The system also makes any attempt of theft pointless as the coating perforation underneath the clamps prevents the torn of sheet from its reusing.
The inside diameter of combined insulation is always greater than the outside diameter of a pipeline up to 10 to 20 mm, which makes it possible to save the construction independence towards temperature stresses and movement (own motions) during a heating cycle. This construction independence enables movement of whole sections of insulations assembled on high trestle bridges, over all passageways and crossings.
The insulation together with the coating shows higher tear resistance and its structure is a homogenous whole.
All the elements, as well as insulation itself, have passed quality tests, approvals and sanitary certificates.
Approval no. for heat insulation: AT-15-7501/2007.