According to The research on thermal insulation produced by ELEKRTOTERMEX made by “SPEC” R&D Center of Heat Engineering in Warsaw and technical approval no. AT-15-7501/2007 of the Building Research Institute in Warsaw:


Technical properties Requirements Research method according to:
Thermal conduction λ-factor 0,0262 W/mK PN-EN-ISO 8497:1999
Apparent density of the foam 45 – 50 kg/m3 PN-EN ISO 845:1998; PN-EN 13467:2002; PN-EN 1602+AC:1999 13467pr PN-EN 13467
Ultimate compressive strength in the radial direction (10% straining) ≥ 250 kPa PN-93/C-89071; PN-EN 826:1998; ISO 844:1978
Water absorbing capacity (post-boiling) ≤ 10% PN-EN 253:2005
Amount of closed wormholes ≥ 88% PN-ISO 4590:1996
Fire classification Non-spreading PN-B-02873:1996
Galvanized iron - thickness 0,55 mm PN-81/H-92125
Zinc contents 275 g/m2 PN-81/H-92125
IZOFREX foil - thickness 3 mm PN-81/H-92125