EC - single-function heat substation for space heating


This is a single-function heat distribution system operating solely for the needs of central heating systems. By means of converting the parameters of network water into the required parameters of central heating by means of a heat exchanger, very good regulation of water temperature in the installation is obtained along with separation from hydraulic interferences in the municipal network. 
EC type systems have their application in the following systems, such as:

supplying a building solely for the purposes of central heating, e.g. factory halls, warehouses, shops, etc.
modernisation of central heating installations in residential buildings in which the users have hot water from other sources (e.g. gas heaters).


Standard equipment

  • plate heat exchanger, brazed with copper for central heating circulation;
  • automatic regulation system of the system based on a weather regulator;
  • circulating pump of central heating with pressure difference-based RPM (speed) adjustment;
  • filling up of the system;
  • screen filters on primary and secondary sides;
  • water stop fittings, respectively: 
  • on the primary side – ball valves, welded; 
  • on the installation side – ball valves threaded or inter-collar throttles for diameters above DN65;
  • disc manometers equipped with manometric faucets;
  • disc thermometers.   

Optional equipment

  • plate heat exchangers with gaskets or shell-and-tube JAD type on any circulation;
  • pressure difference regulator or pressure difference regulator with flow regulation or limitation;
  • heat consumption metering;
  • protection of the central heating installation from transgression of the maximum working temperature – STB function (particularly important in plastic installations);
  • automatic filling up of the system;
  • application of silt-removers or sedimentation filters in the system;
  • adjusting the system for operation with a master system or monitoring the system’s operation through the Internet;
  • water treatment station for filling up the system;
  • system protecting the heating installation against corrosion.