Sewage treatment plant CZAJKA

Our firm has in years 2009-2012 works in the Sewage Treatment Plant,,Czajka" in Warsaw in terms of delivery, installation, commissioning and participate in the start-up of the heat distribution centre and also execution of electrical installations for technological facilities.

Scope of works:

1. Node heat distribution for the branch sludge treatment, which included:

  • Stability sludge for new separate fermentation chamber.
  • Cooling and heat recovery of 4 generators with a capacity of 5.89 MW.
  • The system of distribution of heat from the boiler gas from incineration of sludge and cooling generators.

Electrical design and automation for the above mentioned tasks.Electrical and I & C equipment, and system software controlling the devices in the heat distribution centre to work with the SCADA system for STP CZAJKA in Warsaw.

2. Electrical installations in hazardous areas and the immediate vicinity of the biogas plants:

Wiring columns defoamers biogas from the digester chambers (WKF).

Wiring biogas tank.Wiring torch biogas.

Wiring drainage wells for biogas plants.