Thermal insulation of pipelines

ELEKTROTERMEX one of the leading producers of heat centers, produces also ETX-PUR thermal insulation pipe covering in fish-plates from rigid polyurethane foam with galvanized iron, sheet aluminum and the “Izofrex” foil coating for overhead pipeline heat distribution networks with pipes from 15 to 1600 mm in diameter.

Our insulation is based on a system which as its foaming agent uses a gaseous mixture of pentafluorobutane and heptafluoropropane. With time the λ-factor of the system does not drop as in systems based on CO2 foaming agents. In order to retain many parameters vital for the appropriate filling of polyurethane foam, it is foamed by us on a new medium-pressure machine enabling the control of the following features:

a computer-operated automatic feeder with programs for typical diameters which measures and injects an appropriate amount of foam,
maintaining constantly high pressure during the process of foaming,
continuous foaming availability – when the head is shut, the foam components are in a continuous cycle between the head of the machine and the containers filled with polyurethane (recycle function),
an appropriate temperature of the material both in the containers, as well in hoses, which are separately heated,
electric mixers in the container filled with polyol and isocyanide,
smooth regulation of mixed components’ ratio, as well as their effectiveness,
various parameters set and displayed on the control panel,
operation without the need of internal rinsing – the machine after each operation automatically cleans itself with compressed air.

Meeting all the strict conditions of a foaming process guarantees the high quality of our insulations, which comply with all the requirements set on the Polish market. All the materials, including the heat insulations, have the necessary technical approvals, sanitary certificates and have passed the self-extinguishing tests done by the Department of Fire Research of the Building Research Institute in Warsaw.