ELEKTROTERMEX was established in 1988. From the very beginning, it has been a company with 100% Polish capital. Our Company's market activity focuses on thermal services and began production of compact heat substations. The products have been received very well, which has been confirmed by medals and diplomas awarded at various fairs and industry exhibitions. Adoption of this direction of development has produced results in the form of extending the circle of customers and outlets throughout the entire country and has determined the Company’s position among the leading producers of heat substations in Poland.


Basic data:

Annual sales - over PLN 60 millions 

Employment - 145 employees

Number of heat substations produced – more than 11 000 pieces (detailed breakdown into individual years is presented on the left).

It is necessary to emphasise that the breakdown presents both small heat substations produced for single-family houses and multi-functional heating stations with the power of several MW.